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Grant Applications

There are currently two ways non-profits can apply for funding from the Lakewood Legacy Foundation:

City of Lakewood Community Grant Program

The Lakewood Legacy Foundation in partnership with the City of Lakewood created a pilot program in 2015 for nonprofit grants. Each year, the City of Lakewood receives numerous requests from nonprofit organizations that provide much needed services to Lakewood residents that the City does not provide. This program establishes a process for requests, review and evaluation. The application phase of 2022 program is now open. Please click here to apply. Applications are due March 31, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact Emily Andrews, Resource Development Supervisor at emiand@lakewood.org.  The grant cycle will grant out $100,000 to local nonprofits serving Lakewood residents.

Click here to apply for a grant!

Lakewood Legacy Foundation Grant Program

The grant guidelines listed below are for grant applications for the Lakewood Legacy Foundation grants. THE GUIDELINES LISTED BELOW ARE NOT FOR THE CITY OF LAKEWOOD CHARITABLE GIVING PROGRAM. You will find the City’s grant guidelines by clicking on the “Charitable Giving Program Application” link listed above.Lakewood

Legacy Grant Guidelines
When considering grant requests the board will focus on seniors, families and youth in Lakewood.

Entities eligible for grants

  • Non-profits
  • Charitable organizations
  • Community outreach projects and programs

Grant requests will be considered for

  • Capital projects
  • Equipment purchase
  • Seed money/start up
  • General operating support
  • Challenge grants

The following requests will generally not be considered:

  • Salaries and administrative costs
  • Travel and related expenses
  • Deficit reduction
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Needs outside of the city of Lakewood

The Lakewood Legacy is restricted from granting requests for:

  • Individuals
  • Political activities/legislative issues
  • Religious organizations seeking funds for religious purposes

Repeated requests
The Legacy shall not be a primary source of funding on a continual basis.  The board reserves the right of refusal or acceptance for repeated requests.

Application Process
Proposals should be printed or typewritten and submitted on a Lakewood Legacy Grant Application Form. Proposals must be accompanied by a signed letter of transmittal.The Lakewood Legacy Foundation Board of Trustees reviews grants quarterly (January, April, July and November) to determine which proposals will receive funding. Applications must be received by the first of the month to be considered at the next meeting. Notification of final action will be made within two months.Please attach any information you believe would assist the board in making its decision. Such information may include (but is not limited to): a project narrative, a full budget, publicity associated with your project, letters of support, a history of your organization, and staff resumes. A member of the requesting party will be asked to appear before the Legacy board to present the request and answer any questions.

Link To Grant Application Form